Ameriflo Corporation Introduction

AMERIFLO Introduction

Today marks the start of a new chapter in the global Fire Protection industry.  Ameriflo is a global centrifugal pump manufacturer primarily focused on the fire protection markets.  With one of the largest hydraulic, third party certified offerings anywhere on the planet, rest assured Ameriflo has the pump you need for this very critical industry.  Products offered include end suction (ES), vertical inline (VI), single stage split case (SC), two-stage split case (SC(2)) and vertical turbine (VT).  These products cover the most diverse hydraulic offering of any North American fire pump manufacturer and include some of the lowest documented horsepowers the industry has ever seen.

Pumps on a base with coupling and driver (electric motor or Diesel engine) are offered with options that include fully skidded GENESYS PACKAGED (GEN-PAC) booster systems with or without an enclosure (GEN-PAC Container) round out the product offering.  Jockey pumps are available in a vertical multistage or submersible turbine product type based on job-site requirements.  Ameriflo is also one of a select few manufacturers that offers optional metallurgy (bronzes & super duplex stainless steels) for fire protection applications where sea water is the pumped medium.

End Suction (ES) – Flows from 50 GPM through 1,500 GPM & pressures from 40 PSI through 185 PSI

Vertical Inline (VI) – Flows from 50 GPM through 1,500 GPM & pressures from 40 PSI through 185 PSI

Split Case (SC) – Flows from 300 GPM through 8,000 GPM & pressures from 40 PSI through 610 PSI

Vertical Turbine (VT) – Flows from 100 GPM through 6,000 GPM & pressures from 40 through 377 PSI

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