Iraq Oil & Gas Project

Oil Refinery Fire Protection

Ameriflo recently completed a pair of skid packaged pumps for an oil refinery located in the country of Iraq.  These units were engineered with several non-standard options and feature a heavy duty Ameriflo Diesel engine.  This type of project highlights the ability of Ameriflo to offer special metallurgy and unique options to meet customer requirements.  Refineries are perhaps the most aggressive fire protection application due to the quantity and volatility of extremely flammable products present at the job-site.  The ability to supply electric and Diesel engine packages with the majority of components manufactured internally allows Ameriflo a huge advantage as compared to the competition.

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New 500 GPM Split Case Models

Product development continues at Ameriflo with the addition of two new sizes, the 3×4-8 & 3×4-10 SC split case models.  These two new models have been designed with the most current computational fluid dynamics software available to ensure the lowest consumed horsepower for this flow range.  These models feature double volute casings and Francis designed impellers ensuring the maximum efficiency and the lowest documented horsepower in the industry.  These two models continue the Ameriflo dialogue of being market disruptive designed with the end goal of leading the industry into a new direction.

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