Indonesian Fire Pumps

Indonesian Fire Pumps

The two pumps featured in this short Blog include an electric motor and Diesel engine driven split case pump.  These two medium 6×8-17 SC split case pumps produce 1250 GPM @ 20.5 Bar, an incredible amount of pressure generated from a single stage split case pump.  Ameriflo has the most efficient and expansive split case product offered in the fire protection market today, period.  The 5030 SC product line has many standard features and benefits that are simply not offered even as options by nearly every other manufacturer.  The electric motor version features a WEG driver and the Diesel engine version features an Ameriflo AF6-108E 6 cylinder Diesel engine.  These are heavily designed skid assemblies featuring alignment and base leveling jack screws that make field installation a breeze.  Milled pads under the pump and driver only add to the overall package.

Ameriflo Diesel engines have features that the other Diesel engine manufactures simply do not have.  The Diesel engine cradle is a unique and specifiable feature that virtually eliminates all Diesel engine vibration that was historically transferred to the pump and system piping.  The Ameriflo Vibration Isolation Cradle (VIC) has integral engine mounts that completely isolate the Diesel engine vibration from being transferred to the pump base assembly.  This is a unique and specifiable feature that no other Diesel engine manufacturer has.  This VIC greatly reduces oscillations found from other Diesel engine manufacturers and allows all Ameriflo pump assemblies to operate with minimal vibration.  The VIC also houses the emergency contactors, the complete cooling loop package, the heat exchanger assembly and the pre-heater equipment.

The Ameritouch digital engine controller has no “old school” gauges present anywhere on the package.  Not only are these gauges inherently less accurate but are more difficult to read and prone to failure.  The end user is presented with a fully digital, color touch screen interface that is state of the art!  All Diesel engine parameters can be monitored from this digital interface making startup and run tests very easy.  Ameriflo leverages technology to be the leader in the fire protection market.

The Diesel engine program is one of the largest in the industry with more than 30 sizes available and carry UL Listings & FM Approvals.

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Electric Split Case Assemblies

SC Split Case Assemblies

As Ameriflo continues to grow, more and more split case pumps make their way through assembly and onto shipping.  The 5030 SC pumps shown here also were taken from the Ameriflo Express inventory program allowing for very short lead-times when needed.  There are a variety of sizes shown here shipping to customers in several different states.

The feedback Ameriflo has gotten on the 5030 SC product line has been amazing.  Clients all over the world have commented on the clean design, stainless steel components, unpainted acorn nuts and next level base assemblies.  This feedback is great to hear considering that Ameriflo used customer input for the base product line design.

The 5030 SC product line features a double volute design that significantly decreases radial loads generated by the rotating assembly.  This reduction in radial force allows the rotor group to use a smaller bearing housing assembly.  This also means that the inboard and outboard bearing housing assemblies use the same bearing.  In competitor designs, manufacturers use a double row outboard bearing not because of a heavier duty design but because a single row bearing will not withstand radial and axial forces generated by the rotating assembly.  The shaft designs in these models are smaller and larger, double row bearing are needed to meet bearing life requirements.  Ameriflo designs the shaft and bearing with durability at the foremost of design requirements.

Future articles will also focus on the design features of the Ameriflo fabricated steel bases.  These bases have several proprietary features and benefits that aid real world installers and streamline the field installation process.

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