Costa Rica Round Two

Costa Rica Training, Again…..

Due to the success of the previous Costa Rica training class from a couple months ago, the request to do another class was a major success.  More and more time invested from SAEG in Costa Rica has allowed the Ameriflo brand to flourish in this Central American nation.  The big standout for the Ameriflo product line is the huge hydraulic coverage coupled with the industry leading and upgraded materials of construction.  With Ductile iron casings and investment cast, 304 stainless steel impellers as standard construction, no other competitor even comes close to the construction offered by Ameriflo.

A complete product offering including gear pumps from aqueous foam, end suction, vertical inline, single and two stage split case and a complete vertical turbine round out the most complete UL & FM fire pump offering on the planet!!

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Paraguay Training Class

Paraguay Training

To grow Ameriflo sales in Paraguay, SAEG arranged another training class for nearly 30 engineering consultants in Asuncion, Paraguay.  This country has an open mind when it comes to the latest UL & FM requirements and Ameriflo is playing an important role in educating these consultants on NFPA 20 and UL/FM requirements.

The group was very surprised by the Ameriflo offering.  The big differences in the construction of the Ameriflo standard offering are obvious when comparing to others in the industry.  Ductile iron with investment cast 304 Stainless Steel start the differences and the Ameriflo Diesel engine program is the frosting on the cake.

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