The Non-Fire Protection markets are very demanding and diverse in their flow and pressure requirements, as well as construction options.  Ameriflo offers product lines for these Commercial, Industrial and Municipal markets where diversity in pumping equipment is needed.  These markets are populated with a variety of split case and vertical turbine product, both of which are completely covered by the Ameriflo product line.

The 3610 Series is a massive split case offering covering a massing flow and pressure envelope for steel mill, power plant, mining, refinery, petrochemical and municipal water supply.  Options include optional metallurgy, a wide variety of mechanical seals, a variety of internal and external coatings as well as a diver selection of drivers making sure that Ameriflo product can be installed anywhere in the world.

Split case pumps are offered in a horizontal or vertical orientation with one of the largest flow and pressure coverages from any centrifugal pump manufacturer.  Vertical turbine product is offered in a Francis turbine impeller design, mixed flow and axial flow models covering one of the largest flow ranges in the industry.  Both product types feature all specified options and optional metallurgies.