Ameriflo LATAM Launch

Ameriflo LATAM 2024 Launch

It is with great excitement that Ameriflo announces the launch of Ameriflo LATAM for sales and engineering coverage of Mexico.  This is a huge addition to the Ameriflo global sales program and is a concentrated effort to cover the rest of North America buy placing dedicated Ameriflo people in the country of Mexico.

The Mexican market is very large and its dependence on the United States for product makes Ameriflo a perfect fit for this market.  This group will focus on both UL/FM fire protection as well as, Commercial, Industrial & Municipal business.  Ameriflo currently has 35 product lines spanning one of the largest hydraulic offerings on the planet.  This product offering covers end suction, vertical sump, submersible sewerage, split case, ANSI, formed stainless steel, vertical turbine, mixed flow, axial flow and self-primer.  With flows from 10 GPM to over 200,000 GPM and heads from 20 10 feet to over 2000 feet, rest assured Ameriflo has the pump you need…….

Nearly all of the current North American manufacturers have abandoned the Mexican market opening the door for overseas companies from Asia and the Middle East to attempt to enter this market.  These companies cannot service this market from the other side of the world and quite honestly do not understand the culture and needs that this challenging market demands.  By adding people from the country that know the market inside and out is the only way to properly support this very important market.  We need Ameriflo customers from Mexico to understand, we hear you and understand what you want in a pump manufacturer and are answering those demands with a concentrated Ameriflo focus where you want it, right at home in your backyard!!

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