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Another quick video from Ameriflo Studios showing some of the incredible products being generated with several pumps completing assembly and making their way to installations across the globe…..

Ameriflo Tier 0 FM Approval

Ameriflo FM Diesel Engine Approval

After over a year of intensive product development and an extremely stringent testing schedule, Ameriflo is proud to announce it’s Factory Mutual (FM) approval of the 9050 Diesel Engine program.  This Factory Mutual approval covers the first 15 Ameriflo Diesel engines from 121 HP through an incredible 1207 horsepower.  Speed ranges from 2950 RPM down through 1460 RPM.  An additional 12 Diesel engines are going through final FM testing to have a total of 24 Diesel engines with Factory Mutual approval.

The Ameriflo Diesel engine is the most diverse and efficient Diesel engine product line available today.  The Diesel engine group has spent considerable time developing blocks with a horsepower range that is simply not available from the competition.  Ameriflo already has nearly 30 Diesel engines that are UL Listed and the FM approval adds to the heritage of this product line.

Ameriflo Diesel engines have features that the other Diesel engine manufactures simply do not have.  The Diesel engine cradle is a unique and specifiable feature by virtually eliminating Diesel engine vibration that was historically transferred to the pump and system piping.  The Diesel engine cradle also houses the emergency contractors, complete cooling loop and the Diesel engine pre-heater.  The Ameriflo Vibration Isolation Cradle (VIC) has integral engine mounts that completely isolate the Diesel engine vibration from being transferred to the pump base assembly,  This is a feature that no other Diesel engine manufacturer has.  This VIC greatly reduces oscillations found from other Diesel engine manufacturers and allows all Ameriflo pump assemblies to operate vibration free.

The Ameritouch digital engine controller has no “old school” gauges present.  The end user is presented with a fully digital, touch screen interface that is state of the art!  All Diesel engine parameters can be monitored from this digital interface making startup and run tests very easy.  This is yet another example of how Ameriflo is leveraging technology to be the leader in the fire protection market.

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3D Printed SC Pumps

3D Printed SC Pumps

One of the largest differences between Ameriflo and the other guys, besides the largest hydraulic fire protection offering in the industry, is the technology that they use to develop product and marketing materials.  Being able to create rapid prototypes for new designs, as well as creating simply the coolest looking marketing samples, is an asset that is core to Ameriflo’s philosophy.  Ameriflo designed all models in 3D modeling software so generating these highly detailed samples is a very easy process.

The 3D models that Ameriflo uses in engineering, during training events or at trade shows allows for an incredibly easy and lightweight manner to show off the state-of-the-art products currently offered by Ameriflo.  These pumps are printed to scale (1:4) and allow for a very easy way to show off all of the standard feature and benefits that Ameriflo has worked so hard to create.  As an example, these highly detailed samples show all of the acorn nuts, jackscrew and alignment pins as well as the complete flush plan system.  Very clean and super cool……..

Future blogs will detail the other 3D printed product lines.  As Ameriflo begins studio work on the actual marketing cutaways as well as these 3D printed pumps, more detail and coverage of these very important product samples will be available in a variety of media content.

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3×5-10 SC Split Case Pumps

5030 Series 3×5-10 SC Pumps

The last several months have been very busy here at Ameriflo and the order backlog continues to grow!!  We would like to thank all of those who joined Ameriflo on this journey!!

The current amount of activity in the fire pump market today is truly staggering and Ameriflo has been very fortunate to launch a Tier 1 product line at a time when the need could not be more important.  Ameriflo manufacturers the highest quality fire protection product line backed by one of the most experienced technical and customer service orientated teams the fire protection industry has ever seen.

This short blog focuses on several orders in final assembly for different customers taking advantage of the 5030 SC Split Case product line, the most popular Ameriflo product line.  The 5030 SC Split Case product line is the most hydraulically complete, third party certified product line available in the fire protection market today and has the following features:

  • Investment cast, 304 stainless steel impellers
  • Ductile iron, double volute casings
  • Casing jackscrew and prybar locations at each casing quadrant
  • Fully studded casing construction with 304 stainless steel acorn nuts
  • Fully integrated coupling guards at each stuffing box
  • Single point drain system with one location to collect all pump leakage
  • 304 stainless steel flush plans
  • 304 stainless steel suction & discharge buffer tubing packages
  • Bolt on removable & replaceable bearing housings

Performance Characteristics – SC Single Stage Split Case Pumps

  • Flows:  300 GPM to 8,000 GPM [68 M3/HR To 1,817 M3/HR]
  • Heads:  40 PSI to 367 PSI [2.75 BAR to 25.3 BAR]
  • Speeds:  3550 RPM, 2950 RPM, 2600 RPM, 2350 RPM, 2100 RPM, 2000 RPM, 1760 RPM, 1480 RPM

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