The Fire Protection markets are very demanding and diverse in their flow and pressure requirements.  Ameriflo offers a complete Fire Protection offering by offering end suction (ES), vertical inline (VI), single & two-stage split case (SC & SC(2)) and a complete vertical turbine (VT) offering.  With the largest documented flow and pressure range offered by any North American fire pump manufacturer, Ameriflo leads the industry in third party certified hydraulic coverage.

The Ameriflo offering is excellent for standard Commercial & Industrial fire protection applications that cover commercial buildings. tank farms, oil & gas and high rise installations.

Product Coverage

ES – End Suction Pumps
Flows:  50 GPM to 2,000 GPM
Heads:  40 PSI to 220 PSI

VI – Vertical Inline Pumps
Flows:  50 GPM to 2,000 GPM
Heads:  40 PSI to 220 PSI

SC – Split Case Pumps
Flows:  300 GPM to 8,000 GPM
Heads:  40 PSI to 610 PSI

VT – Vertical Turbine Pumps
Flows:  100 GPM to 6,000 GPM
Heads:  40 PSI to 377 PSI

Pumps are offered with Ductile Iron casings with 304 Stainless Steel fitted construction.  Pump can be supplied with coupling, coupling guard, base & driver, as well as completely packaged in a booster system (GEN-PAC) making installation at the job-site very simple and straightforward.

In addition to offering Fire Protection solutions in standard construction, Ameriflo also offers third party certified product in optional metallurgy for applications using sea water as the pumped medium.  This option cover all fire protection applications and allows Ameriflo to be a total Fire Protection solutions provider.