Series 7000

Olympus Booster Systems


The Series 7000 Olympus Booster Systems brings all of the Ameriflo product design and engineering into one location.  Ameriflo has one of the largest horizontal and vertical centrifugal product lines available and now these products can also be integrated into a common booster package with manifolds and custom and proprietary controls.  Nearly every product line that Ameriflo manufactures can be integrated into an Olympus Booster System.  We are the only pump manufacturer that also integrates systems.  Trust the pump manufacturer not a simple systems integrator that does not possess the engineering and background of pump design, arguably the heart of the pumping system.

Ameriflo can integrate nearly any pump within their product line.  With flows from 1-2 GPM all the way up to 30,000+ GPM, trust that Ameriflo has the system your client is looking for.  Ameriflo has one of the most intuitive HMI controls available in the industry, again, with the engineering knowledge on how to properly set up the system based on the pump design.  All systems can also be tested in Ameriflo’s 300,000 gallon, third part certified test facility giving your client the state of mind they are looking for in product confidence.

Ameriflo Pump Types:

  • Flex-Coupled End Suction (AEF, EF, AEG)
  • Vertical Inline (AEC-V, AEV, EV)
  • Vertical Sump (SAG, SSN)
  • Non-Clog (ANC, ANCC, ANV)
  • Submersible Non-Clog – Lift Station (SNC, SAV, SCT, SGV, SSI)
  • Split Case (HS, HS(2), HS(4), HS(6))
  • Vertical Multistage (VM)
  • Vertical Turbine (VT, SVT, MF, AF)
  • Self-Primer (AST, ASU, ALS)

System Features & Benefits:

Simplex, Duplex, Triplex & Quadplex orientations
Constant speed & variable speed options
Proprietary AMERITOUCH control system HMI
Systems can be used in Plumbing, HVAC, Municipal, Rainwater & Irrigations applications
Options for tank feed supply
Full witnessed & non-witnessed system hydrostatic & performance testing options

  • 4 Page Color Brochure

  • 4 Color Detail