Iraq Oil & Gas Project

Oil Refinery Fire Protection

Ameriflo recently completed a pair of skid packaged pumps for an oil refinery located in the country of Iraq.  These units were engineered with several non-standard options and feature a heavy duty Ameriflo Diesel engine.  This type of project highlights the ability of Ameriflo to offer special metallurgy and unique options to meet customer requirements.  Refineries are perhaps the most aggressive fire protection application due to the quantity and volatility of extremely flammable products present at the job-site.  The ability to supply electric and Diesel engine packages with the majority of components manufactured internally allows Ameriflo a huge advantage as compared to the competition.

The electric motor package features an 8×10-14 SC split case running at 2950 RPM, sized for 2500 GPM @ 125 PSI utilizing a medium voltage, 3300 volt electric motor and dedicated medium voltage controller. The Diesel package features an 8×10-18 SC split case running at 1760 RPM, sized for 2500 GPM @ 125 PSI utilizing an Ameriflo AF6-135 Diesel engine.  Pumps feature investment cast, optional 316 stainless steel impellers with optional Alloy 2205 duplex stainless steel shafts.  The Diesel engine has the addition of a pneumatic starter which will be detailed later in a future article.  This alternative starting method allows for the customer to use compressed air to start the Diesel engine in case of dual battery failure.  All pumps and Diesel engine are UL Listed and FM Approved.

It’s important to keep in mind that Ameriflo has the largest, third party certified, hydraulic offering in the Fire Protection industry.  In addition to this massive hydraulic offering, Ameriflo is the ONLY North American manufacturer to also manufacture Diesel engines from 51 HP through an incredible 1207 HP.  This allows the Ameriflo sales team the ability to attack projects like this one by supplying pump and Diesel engine allowing an advantage that no other pump manufacturer can match.  Aftermarket parts support for both the pump and Diesel engine is managed completely by the Ameriflo distributor making sure this critical support is always in place.

Performance Characteristics – SC Single Stage Split Case Pumps

  • Flows:  300 GPM to 8,000 GPM [68 M3/HR To 1,817 M3/HR]
  • Heads:  40 PSI to 367 PSI [2.75 BAR to 25.3 BAR]
  • Speeds:  3550 RPM, 2950 RPM, 2600 RPM, 2350 RPM, 2100 RPM, 2000 RPM, 1760 RPM, 1480 RPM

Performance Characteristics – Diesel engines

  • Power Range:  51 HP to 1,207 HP
  • Emissions:  Tier 0
  • Speeds:  2950 RPM, 2600 RPM, 2350 RPM, 2100 RPM, 2000 RPM, 1760 RPM, 1450 RPM

As always, thank you for your interest in Ameriflo and we welcome you to The Future of Fire Protection.