GEN-PAC Booster Systems

GEN-PAC Booster System

VT GEN-PAC Booster System

GEN-PAC Booster Systems

One of the most diverse products in the Ameriflo product line is the ability to integrate any standard fire pump (pump on a base with coupling, coupling guard and driver) into a fully integrated system.  This Genesys Booster System (GEN-PAC) offers the client a fully integrated solution that makes the installation very easy.

GEN-PAC Booster Systems are available in a variety of configurations including one electric (1E), one diesel (1D), one electric + one diesel (1E+1D), two electric (2E) or two diesel (2D) configurations.  Systems can be supplied in end suction (ES), vertical inline (VI), split case (SC) and vertical turbine (VT) product types.  While Ameriflo has expanded their offering to include this very popular option, other fire pump manufacturers have backed out of the booster system market completely.  Many current Ameriflo distributors/representatives have joined the Ameriflo group because the GEN-PAC option is needed so that they can compete in their respective markets.  This additional product line gives the Ameriflo distributor/representative a complete fire protection solution and a single source of responsibility.

GEN-PAC booster systems have complete suction and discharge manifolds with all necessary equipment making the integration complete.  All equipment is pre-installed at the Ameriflo facility, all controllers wired up, all fuel tanks plumbed (diesel applications) and all jockey pump plumbing connected.  All pressure sensing lines on the skid are supplied in 304 stainless steel standard with options for 316 stainless steel available.  Options for additional system equipment include:

  • City by-pass loops
  • Flowmeter loops
  • Main relief valve & waste cone piping
  • Test header piping
GEN-PAC Booster System

ES GEN-PAC Booster System

A future blog will detail an additional option for the GEN-PAC booster system, a fully containerized option enclosing the complete system in a compact and efficient installation.

Be sure to check back often and welcome aboard to The Future of Fire Protection.




GEN-PAC Booster System

GEN-PAC Booster System Brochure

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