Costa Rica Consultant Training

Costa Rica Consultant Training

After the success of the Panama Consultant Training Class we moved to Costa Rica for an even larger class.  Cost Rica is a central location for SAEG that covers other major countries in Central America not just Costa Rica.  They invited the top engineers from San Jose that specialize in fire protection.  Costa Rica has several dedicated business parks specializing in several industrial sectors including the medical industry.  Ameriflo has already installed products into these areas and continue to grow the brand elsewhere.

These design engineers included an audience of consulting engineers that appreciate the features and benefits of the Ameriflo product line.  This group of highly educated and trained professionals truly understand the SIGNIFICANT differences between the Ameriflo product line and all others.  As the new leader in the fire protection industry, these groups of design engineers now understand the reasons Ameriflo incorporated certain distinctive features and benefits into the standard design and these features and benefits are quickly becoming the new standard for the fire protection industry.

As seen in Panama, Ameriflo has the most complete Diesel engine program on the planet and is the ONLY North American manufacturer to manufacture a complete in house Diesel engine program.  This gives Ameriflo an advantage that no one else has and by offering 52 different Diesel engine variants form 39 to 1207 HP, this is a Diesel engine range that has no equal.  These Diesel engines also include standard vibration isolation cradles (virtually eliminating all vibration) and “real” heat exchangers.  The other guy offers a very light duty fabricated heat exchanger prone to leakage and damage.  Ameriflo also has the largest 2950 RPM offering on the planet with horsepowers through 335 HP, far exceeding the competition and full color LCD’s on EVERY Diesel engine.  These Diesel engines are UL & FM and simply redefine what the future Diesel engine program will look like.

After the training class concluded, drinks and food followed.  This gave everyone a chance to unplug and relax and continue the conversation.  Events like this are very successful for Ameriflo and they will continue in other countries so stay tuned to see future updates.

Again, thank you all for attending this very important consultant training and allowing Ameriflo to change the Fire Protection industry.  As always, thank you for your interest in Ameriflo and we welcome you to The Future of Fire Protection.