SAEG – Bogota, Colombia Training

SAEG Training – Bogota, Colombia

To grow Ameriflo sales in Colombia, SAEG arranged another training class for nearly 20 of their inside and outside sales people and engineers.  Colombia is a country that fully embraces the latest UL & FM requirements and Ameriflo is an active player in this ever expanding market.  The training class covered the huge differences between Ameriflo and the other guys, especially when it comes to the standard construction offering consisting of ductile iron casings with investment cast, 304 stainless steel impellers.  Every other competitor uses class 30 cast iron with sand cast bronze impellers.  This is a significant difference in construction as well as efficiency.  The investment cast impeller is much smoother than sand cast bronze and is one of the main reasons why Ameriflo has the lowest documented horsepower in the UL/FM fire protection market.  Ameriflo has used the latest design software to model all pumps allowing for the highest efficiencies in the fire protection markets as well as utilizing double volute casings on all split case pumps greatly reducing the sizes of rotating assemblies used throughout the product line.

The training class also focused on one of the biggest strengths of the Ameriflo product offering, the in house Diesel engine program.  No other USA origin fire protection manufacturer offers an in house, Diesel engine program.  Ameriflo has the most complete Diesel engine program on the planet.  This gives Ameriflo an overwhelming advantage that no one else has and by offering 55 different Diesel engine variants form 39 to 1207 HP, this is a Diesel engine range that has no equal.  These Diesel engines also include standard vibration isolation cradles (virtually eliminating all vibration) and “real” cast iron heat exchangers.  The other guy offers a very light duty fabricated heat exchanger prone to leakage and damage.  All accessories are mounted to the vibration isolation cradle greatly extending life of the sub components.  Ameriflo also has the largest 2950 RPM offering on the planet with horsepowers through 335 HP, far exceeding the competition and full color LCD’s on EVERY Diesel engine.  There is no need to understand the “blinking” language of the other guy.  The Ameriflo controller shows you what flags are present to clearly and efficiently troubleshoot issues present in the field.  These Diesel engines are UL & FM and simply redefine what the future Diesel engine program will look like.

Ameriflo has very high expectations for SAEG growing in the Colombian market and Ameriflo will be here to support them in the pump and Diesel engine product classes.

As always, thank you for your interest in Ameriflo and we welcome you to The Future of Fire Protection.