AHR Expo 2022

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The AHR Expo is 3 days of jam packed networking, education, socializing and experiencing everything new in HVACR.  The show floor will be buzzing with all that is new from Ameriflo, product demos, learning opportunities and the most recent updates from Ameriflo.  Ameriflo will be showing the latest in pump tech including proprietary designs and advanced manufacturing techniques.  Stop by and get the latest information on Ameriflo and their plans on market dominance.

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AFSA 2021

AFSA Annual Convention 2021

Three days with 600+ decision-makers

Whether you’re an exhibitor, advertiser, sponsor – or all three – AFSA40 will be time extremely well spent.  To give you as much of their time as possible, we have specially designed our conference schedule to create multiple opportunities for attendees to visit the exhibition hall as well as network in more casual gatherings and events.

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Ameriflo VI Vertical Inline Pumps

5020 Series Vertical Inline

Ameriflo is excited to announce the final stages of their newest product offering, the 5020 VI Vertical Inline product line.  This product line will be the most advanced and hydraulically efficient Vertical Inline product available for the Fire Protection industry.  The Ameriflo distributor network has asked about the product line for the last three months and today we will take a sneak peak of what is to come.

The VI product was built from the ground up with the fire protection market in mind.  Every aspect of its design from the actual hydraulic coverage to the materials of construction were built based on the very stringent NFPA 20 standard.  This standard describes slope of curve requirements, suction characteristics, hydrostatic pressure requirements as well as bearing and shaft strength requirements.  The product line was designed with minimum horsepower as the primary focus and as such, the Ameriflo VI product line has the lowest documented horsepowers available in the fire protection market today!!

Performance Characteristics

  • Sizes:  2×2-8 to 6×6-13
  • Flows:  50 to 1,500 GPM
  • Pressures:  40 to 198 PSI
  • Frequencies:  50 & 60 Cycle
  • Speeds:  3550, 2950,1760 & 1450 RPM

The 5020 VI product line is coupled to a NEMA C-Face, JP Frame motor.  This allows for a very compact footprint as well as a diverse horsepower coverage.  Ameriflo VI Vertical Inline products are available from a very small 10 HP all the way up to 250 HP.  This allows for one of the most diverse hydraulic coverages available from any vertical inline Fire Pump manufacturer.

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Ameriflo Leveraging Technology

Ameriflo Leveraging Technology

Ameriflo is THE market leader in leveraging technology to design, develop and manufacture the highest quality product line available in the Fire Protection industry period. With the largest North American third party certified hydraulic offering trust your life safety applications to the new kid on the block!! There simply is no other pump manufacturer that offers the hydraulic envelope and options for product, metallurgy and integrated package solutions anywhere in the world.

We design all product in house utilizing state-of-the-art solids modeling and computational fluid dynamics software. We are one of the last pump manufacturers to still have a fully staffed engineering group in house that actually understands the product that we manufacture and are dedicated to full customer support before, during and after the sale. This technical background theme continues to the top with the President & CEO!!

The amount of interest in the product line has been truly amazing and we are very happy to have so many new accounts join the Ameriflo family. Please continue to contact us to start your next move and drive your company into a new and successful direction.

Ameriflo…..The Future Of Fire Protection



GEN-PAC Booster Systems

GEN-PAC Booster System

VT GEN-PAC Booster System

GEN-PAC Booster Systems

One of the most diverse products in the Ameriflo product line is the ability to integrate any standard fire pump (pump on a base with coupling, coupling guard and driver) into a fully integrated system.  This Genesys Booster System (GEN-PAC) offers the client a fully integrated solution that makes the installation very easy.

GEN-PAC Booster Systems are available in a variety of configurations including one electric (1E), one diesel (1D), one electric + one diesel (1E+1D), two electric (2E) or two diesel (2D) configurations.  Systems can be supplied in end suction (ES), vertical inline (VI), split case (SC) and vertical turbine (VT) product types.  While Ameriflo has expanded their offering to include this very popular option, other fire pump manufacturers have backed out of the booster system market completely.  Many current Ameriflo distributors/representatives have joined the Ameriflo group because the GEN-PAC option is needed so that they can compete in their respective markets.  This additional product line gives the Ameriflo distributor/representative a complete fire protection solution and a single source of responsibility.

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Investment Cast Impellers

Investment Cast Impellers

One of the biggest differences between the Ameriflo product line and all others is the excrutiating attention to detail that they make as a primary focus.  The heart of the pump, the impellers, determine overall performance and slope of the performance curve.  Ameriflo is the ONLY pump manufacturer that standardizes on investment cast impellers for standard construction in all manufactured fire protection product lines.  These impellers have very smooth fluid passageways which have a direct effect of increased  efficiency which can be seen on all published performance curves.

Ameriflo uses very complex Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to engineer the maximum efficiency and hydraulic performance from every impeller that they manufacture.  Solid Works software allows for the most efficient designing process currently available today.  End suction (ES), vertical inline (VI), split case (SC) and vertical turbine (VT) product lines use these impellers as standard construction.  The advantages of this engineering design and casting process are visible when you look at the performance curves offered by Ameriflo.  Ameriflo leverages technology not available in the past to design and develop the most advanced product lines available in the market today.

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