NFPA 2023

NFPA 2023

The NFPA 2022 is 3 days of jam packed networking, education, socializing and experiencing everything new in Fire Protection.  The show floor will be buzzing with all that is new from Ameriflo, product demos, learning opportunities and the most recent updates from Ameriflo.  Ameriflo will be showing the latest in pump tech including proprietary designs and advanced manufacturing techniques.  Stop by and get the latest information on Ameriflo and their plans on market dominance……

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Intersec 2023

Intersec 2023

The 24th edition of Intersec will unite the industry and accelerate conversations to explore strategies and source technologies for the challenges faced by global security leaders and professionals. 

Bringing you representation from over 50 countries with 10+ official international country pavilions including the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Czech Republic, Turkey, China, Singapore, Italy, and more; this is your unique opportunity to connect, network, source, and succeed in business face-to-face with global suppliers from across the world.

Be a part of the success story, share and gain insights, knowledge, and solutions as we once again gather and reconnect with existing clients and build new partnerships. We are excited to host you and look forward to reinforcing those ever important business relationships that are the pinnacle of every exhibition.  The show floor will be buzzing with all that is new from Ameriflo, product demos, learning opportunities and the most recent updates from Ameriflo.  Ameriflo will be showing the latest in pump tech including proprietary designs and advanced manufacturing techniques.  Stop by and get the latest information on Ameriflo and their plans on market dominance……

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Overall UL/FM Product Offering

The Most Diverse & Expansive Product Offering

Perhaps the best kept secret about Ameriflo is the diverse coverage of product they currently manufacture.  There is no other manufacturer on the planet that has the diverse and expansive product coverage in both pump & Diesel engine coverage, period!!  Ameriflo has the smallest and largest UL/FM pump offered complimented by the highest pressure as well, all offered in the lowest documented HP the fire protection industry has ever seen.  We also offer the largest UL/FM Tier 0 offering on the planet.

5010 End Suction Performance Characteristics

Flows:  50 GPM to 2,000 GPM [11 M3/HR to 455 M3/HR]
Heads:  40 PSI to 220 PSI [2.75 BAR to 15.2 BAR]
Speeds:  3550 RPM, 2950 RPM

5020 Vertical Inline Performance Characteristics

Flows:  50 GPM to 1,500 GPM [11 M3/HR to 34 M3/HR]
Heads:  40 PSI to 198 PSI [2.75 BAR to 13.7 BAR]
Speeds:  3550 RPM, 2950 RPM, 1760 RPM, 1480 RPM



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End Suction Pumps

Ameriflo End Suction Pumps

For some reason, many people forget about end suction pumps when it comes to Fire Protection.  This product type is VERY popular outside of the United States.  The 5010 ES product line has current coverage through 1250 GPM with an expansion through 2500 GPM currently in engineering.

5010 Vertical Inline Performance Characteristics

Flows:  50 GPM to 1,250 GPM [11 M3/HR to 284 M3/HR]
Heads:  40 PSI to 220 PSI [2.75 BAR to 15.2 BAR]
Speeds:  3550 RPM, 2950 RPM, 1760 RPM

These pumps are currently available on the Express Quick Ship program as well.

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Egyptian Fire Pumps

Electric & Diesel Driven Split Case Pumps

Ameriflo supplies equipment to nearly over 80 countries globally.  Many of these applications use redundant electric, Diesel & jockey pump combinations (EDJ).  These applications are a great example of how Ameriflo can control costs across the entire project as they are the only North American pump manufacturer to also manufacture their own Diesel engine product line.  This gives the Ameriflo distributor an incredible advantage over their competition.  The largest hydraulic coverage also allows for perhaps the best selections based on efficiency and speed.

The pumps shown here are from the 5030 Series SC Split Case product line and cover 500, 750 & 100 GPM flows with pressures ranging from 5 to 10 bar.  These pumps are coupled to WEG electric motors and Ameriflo Diesel engines.  All pumps feature standard ductile iron casings, investment cast, 304 stainless steel impellers and are all mounted to the heavy duty Ameriflo fabricated base with alignment and leveling jackscrews standard.

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AFSA 2022

AFSA Annual Convention 2022

Get Inspired! AFSA41: Convention, Exhibition & Apprentice Competition will draw industry partners from across the United States as well as internationally and exhibitors with the latest in products, services, and technology. Connect at THE largest trade show and conference for the fire sprinkler industry in North America.

Gain Momentum! As an exhibitor, you will make your presence known to a large, captive audience of the customers and prospects you want to see at the place to be. As an attendee, you will benefit from cutting-edge education courses, live hands-on demonstrations, and plenty of networking opportunities.

GO! This event offers exhibitors the opportunity to have face-to-face contact with prospective clients. Take charge of your future by making new and strengthening existing connections at AFSA41.

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Diesel Engine SC Pumps

Middle East Split Case Pumps

The pump featured in this short Blog includes a Diesel engine driven split case pump.  This medium sized pump produces 2500 GPM @ 135 PSI.  Ameriflo has the most efficient and expansive split case product offered in the fire protection market today.  The 5030 SC product line has many standard features and benefits that are not offered even as options by the majority of the other players.  The Diesel engine version features an Ameriflo AF6-135, 6 cylinder block generating 375 HP at 1760 RPM and has a large 1.500 inch cooling loop.

Ameriflo Diesel engines have features that the other Diesel engine manufactures simply do not offer.  The Diesel engine cradle is a unique and specifiable feature by virtually eliminating Diesel engine vibration that was historically transferred to the pump and system piping from the Diesel engine.  The Ameriflo Vibration Isolation Cradle (VIC) has integral engine mounts that completely isolate the Diesel engine vibration from being transferred to the pump base assembly.  This is a feature that no other Diesel engine manufacturer has as a standard offering.  This VIC greatly reduces oscillations found from other Diesel engine manufacturers and allows all Ameriflo pump assemblies to operate vibration free.  Other models feature charged air cooled intake and water to oil heat exchangers to maximize Diesel engine performance.

The Ameritouch digital engine controller has no “old school” gauges present.  The end user is presented with a fully digital, touch screen interface that is state of the art!  All Diesel engine parameters can be monitored from this digital interface making startup and run tests very easy.  This is yet another example of how Ameriflo is leveraging technology to be the leader in the fire protection market.

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Diesel Engine Vertical Turbine Bases

Elevated Bases

One of the most unique features of Ameriflo’s Diesel engine driven vertical turbine product line are the foundation bases.  Every other vertical turbine manufacturer supplies a base for the discharge head only and has a separate base for the Diesel engine.  The vertical offset between the Diesel engine and the pump is typically addressed at the job site by the contractor pouring the foundation.  If ANY issue comes up during installation about the driveshaft not lining up with the right angle gear drive the finger pointing games kick off!!  In the Ameriflo design, the foundation is flat, exactly the same when installing an end suction or split case.  This vertical riser design is a game changer making Diesel engine vertical turbine installation a breeze.

As in the case of all Ameriflo fabricated bases, the vertical turbine base has engineered features not found elsewhere in the industry.  There are jackscrew alignment bolts at four points around the discharge head to help with proper driveshaft alignment.  The base has leveling jackscrews installed along both long sides of the base making leveling very quick and easy without the need to add shims at the job site.  The heavy wall thickness of the material used in the base has an extremely high torsional rigidity.  The box beam design also allows for easy access to all voids making grouting very easy as compared to other manufacturers that use a light duty, bent channel base design with several holes cut out allowing limited access to all cavities within the base.

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Tennessee Move

Moving Right Along

As Ameriflo continues to expand globally, the move to Tennessee is nearly complete.  The new and expanded facility located in Rossville, TN will allow Ameriflo to better service their customers and allow for better organization of the nearly 200 stock units used on the Express Quick Ship program.  Dozens of manufacturing orders move their way through the “Pick” and “Pack” processes on their way out the door toward shipping.  With nearly no other pump manufacturer stocking products today, Ameriflo continues to be the industry leader in quick ship UL/FM certified fire protection equipment.

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Iraq Oil & Gas Project

Oil Refinery Fire Protection

Ameriflo recently completed a pair of skid packaged pumps for an oil refinery located in the country of Iraq.  These units were engineered with several non-standard options and feature a heavy duty Ameriflo Diesel engine.  This type of project highlights the ability of Ameriflo to offer special metallurgy and unique options to meet customer requirements.  Refineries are perhaps the most aggressive fire protection application due to the quantity and volatility of extremely flammable products present at the job-site.  The ability to supply electric and Diesel engine packages with the majority of components manufactured internally allows Ameriflo a huge advantage as compared to the competition.

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