End Suction Pumps

Ameriflo End Suction Pumps

For some reason, many people forget about end suction pumps when it comes to Fire Protection.  This product type is VERY popular outside of the United States.  The 5010 ES product line has current coverage through 1250 GPM with an expansion through 2500 GPM currently in engineering.

5010 Vertical Inline Performance Characteristics

Flows:  50 GPM to 1,250 GPM [11 M3/HR to 284 M3/HR]
Heads:  40 PSI to 220 PSI [2.75 BAR to 15.2 BAR]
Speeds:  3550 RPM, 2950 RPM, 1760 RPM

These pumps are currently available on the Express Quick Ship program as well.

The other nice advantage with the 5010 ES End Suction product line is that it can be driven with an electric motor or Diesel engine.  These pumps are much less expensive than split case pumps and are very compact from a foot print standpoint.  Lastly, the discharge connection is of the vertical, centerline type needing no air release valve.  The vertical discharge connection also does not need an elbow that is typically needed on a split case pump.

As always, thank you for your interest in Ameriflo and we welcome you to The Future of Fire Protection.


5010 End Suction Pumps